Shefaro Highlights 2010
Happy New Year from Shefaro
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Shefaro Borzoi and Boer Goats - 2010
January 2, 2010  friends and Shefaro Sighthound owners, Tracy and Mark, came from Louisiana for another Shefaro Borzoi, a trend set by good friend and owner, Tom, who took Silver home in Dec. 2009
January 10, 2010 meet the new kids at Shefaro - triplet boys
January 17, 2010 meet the new kids at Shefaro - triplet girls
January 15, 2010 Anatolian Shepherd Jasper and Jake going home
January 18, 2010 Vali's Shefaro Saluki boys, Vito and Figaro
Shefaro Greyhound Jasper and his boy, Anthony
Shefaro Greyhound Jasper and his girl, Nicole
Blaze and his friends at Eric's
January 17, 2010 Vivian's DJ
January 19, 2010  Shefaro Saluki puppies for sale. Tali left is a Best in Field lure courser!  (click the picture)
January 20, 2009 Karin's Valentin and Kiska
January 21, 2010 Shefaro Greyhound Claudia's Avalancha at home
January 21, 2010 Shefaro Anatolian Jasper at home
January 22, 2010, Darlene's Shefaro Borzoi, Brax, is a blood donor.
April has been a great month at Shefaro with owners sharing their wonderful Shefaro Borzoi and Greyhounds.  I am proud to share my Shefaro family.
Shefaro Greyhound Avalancha and his mom, Claudia
Shefaro Borzoi Rodrigo and his mom,  Hillary
Shefaro Borzoi Katya and her mom, Ariadne

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Shefaro is the home of Multi International (FCI, UCI), World, American (AKC, UKC, IABCA), Mexican, Costa Rican, Bahamian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Guatemalan, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Columbian, South American, Champions of the Americas, Caribbean, Bermudian, Canadian conformation, obedience (Specialty HIT), rally, agility, lure coursing, Best in Show, Best Brace in Show, Best Bred By In Show, Best in Field lure coursers, High In Trial Obedience and Agility champions, Top Producers, Top Ten, National Specialty and group winning champions, Breed Specialty winning champions,  service and therapy dogs, and wonderful companions where temperament comes first. The pride of Shefaro - Service and Therapy dogs - can be seen at  My life with sheep and goats has been enhanced by the wonderful working livestock guard dog breeds I have come to know and love.