Seasons Greetings from Shefaro and
Seasons Greetings to Shefaro

Happy Holidays 2002 - Guillermo

Katya 2004 (created by Charmaine Wong)

Merry Christmas from Angel, Sunshine and Sheryl Walton of Londonderry, New Hampshire.  Sunshine is a Shefaro Great Pyrenees.

Created by my friend, Kaoru, in Japan.
Merry Christmas 2004 from
baby puppy Sunshine born 12/03/04
Cruiser Christmas 2004
Gabrielle and her Shefaro Pyrenees, Akira
Lola Rouge and Claire, Ali, Rich
Deborah with Diego and Zorro
8 weeks - 16 weeks - 5 months
Russia and Santa
Sabrina and Santa
Yippy Holidaze!  "If Picaso Painted Marisa" by Gail Reeves - Chapman Gallery
Chicki Runnquist, Zchatsaj's Borzoi, Sweden
Kaoru Ichikawa - Merry Christmas from Japan!
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> Hi,
> I inquired about your puppies a couple months ago. I could not afford the shipping fee, so I took your advice and started looking for a puppy at local pet shelters.
> After searching for a little while I found a shelter that had a litter of 7 puppies
> part husky and maybe part Austrialian sherpherd. 3 days before Christmas I receive my big bundle of joy. Thank you for your recommendtion. Attached are a couple of photos of Throne that is his name.
> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
> Melinda
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> Thank you for your quick response,My pleasure. I talked to my husband
> > and he will not be making the
> > trip to San Antonio until the summer 2006.That is a long way off. This is the
> > first time I have inquired about puppies on the Internet and did not know what
> > to ask.You did fine. At this time our finance will not allow us to purchase
> > one of the puppies I am sorry. If you don't have finances now, and I am
> > being very serious and very sincere, and your life, heart and home are open to
> > having a puppy, why don't you go to the humane society and adopt a puppy? You
> > will be saving a life and you will have a friend for life. My second dog,
> > Boots, was a pound puppy. She was a Cockapoo way before it was vogue to be one.
> > She was a great dog. I can't do that now because of my life, but you can.
> > I really didn't know how much shipping would cost. I will continue to check your
> > website for any upcoming litters. You will always have the problem as to
> > shipping costs which will never get lower - fuel, etc.
> > But if you are open to a puppy, please go to the pound and rescue one and please
> > tell me all about it with pictures.
> > You are in a very lucky position to have an open life, heart and home for a
> > puppy and I think saving one is about as good as it gets.
> > I really mean it.
> > >
> > > Thank you for your time. My pleasure and God Bless you and your husband. I
> > hope God will keep him safe. My webpage pays tribute to men like him.
> >
> >
> > Please save a puppy's life and please tell me all about it with a picture.
> > God Bless.
> >
> >Sherry

Kara and Isaac  - Merry Christmas from Alaska

Marisa - Merry Christmas from California
Happy New Year from Lola Rouge in La Jolla, Cal.
Happy Valentine's Day from Poland

Merry Christmas from Yafah Trudeau

Merry Christmas from Zoe and Nicole

Merry Christmas from Sergei Nichols
Spike says Merry Christmas
Andi and Santa
From Kaoru and Kevin in Japan
From Pan, Manolo, Paloma, Raisa, Mia in California
From Joann and Marisa in Carmel
Sergei and Nichols Family
From Chicki Runnquist in Sweden
Zeta and Zar in Spain
Melanie Czar and Natasha Florida

Anya and her buddy Speedy with Santa - December 2011

Marisa goes Carolling! December 2011 Christmas
Fast Freddy Herschberger - Merry Christmas!

Bori Silva is Santa's helper