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Shefaro Borzoi and Boer Goats - 2009
Highlighting every year and a great source of pride areTestimonials.
Merry  Christmas Dec. 2008 from Steven and his boys, Diego and Zorro. Steve is serving in Afghanistan and we wish him well and God speed.
Happy New Year from Shefaro Borzoi Sergei and Boris Nichols
Shefaro Livestock Guard Dog Travis in Decker Canyon, Malibu, Ca. January 1, 2009
Karen's Shefaro Borzoi Valentin and Kiska January 5, 2009 on the bluff overlooking the ocean @ Half Moon Bay 3 blocks from home
January 7, 2009 in my mailbox.  Click the certificate
Meet the new kids at Shefaro.  
While Pygmy quadruplets enjoy the South Texas sunshine at Shefaro...
while Shefaro Borzoi Marco plays catch the snow in Utah.
Shefaro Borzoi Apolo Lotterman and Grandbaby Keyana
January 10, 2009, Sugar is one of Shefaro's first Livestock Guard Dogs and at over 12 years of age, is still going strong and out with her herd.
January 11, 2009, new friend Kimberly came to play at Shefaro with her girl, Mochi.   Kimberly with Matinee Idol
Honey Bun gets into the act
Lucky Charm plays with Kimberly's girl, Mochi.
January 12, 2009 Meet the new yearling ram at Shefaro - center
January 14, 2009 Meet the New Kids at Shefaro - Pygmy sisters
New UKC Champion Shefaro Lorelei's Chico Blanco
UKC 95 points with two competition wins, two bests of breed. Gitana is five points and one competition win from her UKC championship.  
January 18, 2009 meet the new kid at Shefaro - baby girl
Fenix is the winner!   At his first show he won Novice  Sighthound Puppy Group First (twice) at the Arizona American Eskimo Club UKC shows on January 25, 2009   - congratulations Fenix, Rhian and Nicole
January 29, 2009 Boer Cross and Pygmies heading out to Shefaro Park
February 5, 2009
Meet the new ram lamb at Shefaro
February 7,  2009
Meet the new kids at Shefaro
February 7, 2009 - new UKC Champion Shefaro Lorelei's Gitana, JC
Einstein and his beautiful daughter Maja in Shefaro Park Feb. 12, 2009
To see more, click EINSTEIN and MAJA
In the mail today - Einstein's BOB lure coursing trophy photo
Einstein's  beautiful daughter, Leia, at home in Canada, a chip off the old Einstein block.
Happy Valentines Day from the Lotterman kids Shefaro Apolo and Lola
February 13, 2009  Saluki puppies are growing up - click picture
February 20, 2009
Honey Bun in Shefaro Park
Lily hunting in Shefaro Park
Shefaro's Vanya and her wonderful family in California. So much for Global Warming.  
February 25, 2009  - Shefaro Honore x Sunny Saluki boy
March 1, 2009
Lola and Einstein in Shefaro Park
March 2, 2009 the pups are developing beautifully- click the picture
March 5, 2009 in the mail today
Alamo Cluster of Dog Shows, March 6-7-8-9, 2009 Lola makes a clean sweep!   Thursday First Open, WB, BOS 2 points.  Friday First Open, WB, BOW, BOS 4 point major, Saturday First Open, WB, BOS 4 point major, Sunday First Open, WB, BOS 4 point major.   Owner handled, Lola is a pleasure to live with and to show.  She's my Greyhound girlfriend and she has a permanent home at Shefaro.
After Lola's show weekend, my  Saluki boy Sunny won a major March 15, 2009  at Houston.  Shown by our good friend, Anne Parchman.  Click the picture for Sunny's page.
March 15, 2009, Sunny's beautiful pups out of Honore are doing beautifully and will be leaving soon for their new homes.
Longevity at Shefaro Chicki is eleven (dob 9/25/1998)and going strong
March 24, 2009 Bubba greets the new Nubian in his herd.
March 25, 2009 Fenix in his Vermillion Playground
How much is that doggie in the window? - Leia in Canada
Shefaro LGD Travis
Shefaro Lily's South Pacific, JC.  Shefaro Lily's Matinee Idol has one leg toward his JC. Lily wins another Best of Breed Saturday while Spirit wins another Best of Breed Sunday.  Afghan Hound Club of Austin and Tulsa Sighthound Association, Florence, TX  March 28 and 29, 2009
UKC Ch. Shefaro Lily's Honey Bun, JC
UKC Ch. Shefaro Lily's Matinee Idol
March 29, 2009 the thrill of watching my Ibizan kids lure coursing together, especially home bred Honey Bun.

March 31, 2009
Meet the new triplet kids at Shefaro
April 2, 2009 the herd comes in from Shefaro Park
Maja is developing beautifully. Click her picture
Life's an adventure at Shefaro for Honore.  Click the picture.
April 5, 2009  Stoli
April 11, 2009 Silver State KC Fenix (Lola x Einstein) wins his first AKC point.  Congratulations Rhian and Nicole.
April 12, 2009 Shefaro Livetock Guard Dog Travis
Spring vacation - Tom and his Shefaro kids Apolo and Lola
April 13, 2009 Saluki Sunny in Shefaro Park
Shefaro's first home bred lure coursing titlist.  Ibizan Hound "Honey Bun"  Click picture
New AKC Champion Shefaro Hidden Meadow's Lola Rouge finished winning BOB at BeeTex KC show April 18, 2009
April 20, 2009 Lola x Einstein son Scooby with his boy Nicholas
April 26,2009
Honore is back in shape after pups.
Blanco groomed by Saul Romero with Pure Paws products. Click the picture for Blanco's page with the link to the Pure Paws video.
April 25, 2009 Tasha babysits the new family pup.That's Shefaro temperament!   Click the picture.
April 28, 2009  Tasha - The Graduate!
April 28, 2009   Fenix at seven months.
May 2, 2009 Mary's boys shopping for toys.
May 3, 2009 Shefaro Sighthounds making Pure Paws, Inc. grooming videos - click on the pictures
Shefaro Ibizan Hound Honey Bun
Shefaro Saluki Honore
Shefaro Greyhound Lola Rouge
May 3, 2009 Darnilo's little girl, Ivanka, follows in Daddy's footsteps.  Ivanka with her CGC certificate.
May 10, 2009 CB and friend, Arlene
May 15, 2009 Romeo went with me to pick up some goats
May 15, 2009  Miss Kitty, Shefaro's barn cat
The herd at Shefaro
Bubba - Shefaro Anatolian Shepherd - and some of his goats.
May 17, 2009 AKC Lure coursing at Cleburne, TX and the Best in Field winner is " The Ibizan Hound Lily."
Snowman's new toys
May 31, 2009 beautiful Maja
Sister and Brother Gitana and Chico Blanco in Shefaro Park
UKC Ch. Shefaro Hijo's Vanessa is featured in the June 2009 issue of Dog Fancy magazine.
In the mail today - June 2, 2009 - Gitana is a Senior Courser
June 4, 2009, Shefaro Borzoi future show and lure coursers taking to the lure.
 They are already catching it on the fishing pole while I am waiting for the lure coursing machine to arrive.
Meet the new kids at Shefaro June 7, 2009 boy and girl
June 8, 2009
Spring time at Shefaro
July 10, 2009 boy and girl
June 12, 2009 meet the new kids at Shefaro
New Nigerian Dwarf nannies in Shefaro Park
Beautiful Shefaro Greyhound (Lola x Einstein) Teresa's Leia Anastasia with her Dad, Peter, on vacation
June 14, 2009 - Joaquin in Shefaro Park
and his beautiful sister
June 14, 2009 the incomparable Lily
June 23, 2009 Juliet crossing the pasture the day before leaving for Tracy's in Louisiana, joining Maja
June 20, 2009 meet the new Saluki pups at Shefaro
June 24, 2009 meet the new lamb at Shefaro
June 27, 2009 - Caribe at Betty Sue's
HE'S BAAAACK!!!!!! Einstein at lure coursing practice today, June 28, 2009
Honey Bun and Idol had a blast today, too.
Alegria's pups June 28, 2009 - click the picture
Now this is how to sleep on a couch!  Lola Lotterman 06/29/09
and Lola's new couch (in case they thought it was for the family)
June 30, 2009 Shefaro uses Pure Paws grooming products and Shefaro Sighthounds - Borzoi Blanco, Ibizan Hound Honey Bun, Saluki Honore and Greyhound Lola Rouge are featured in Pure Paws grooming videos.
July 1, 2009
 Sheep herd, moms, dad, new lambs, enjoy a round bale of hay.
Shefaro Borzoi Brax and his buddy, Ropee, playing in Canada.
July 2009 Karin's Valentin and Kiska are featured in KMT Waterjet advertising.  Here they are wearing theKMT logo.
July 4, 2009 in the July 4th Parade
Shefaro working livestock guard dog Tilly Frey July 7, 2009
A beautiful sketch of Shefaro Greyhound boy, Fenix by Nicole
July 11-12, 2009 River City Cluster of Dog Shows, San Antonio, Texcas *AGILITY* Success: Shefaro's Elegant Zoe Double Q'd on Saturday w/3 and 4 place, qualifies on Sunday with a perfect score 100 and a first place in novice jumpers! Way to go Zoe and Nicole!
July 21, 2009 Blondie (Blanco x Luci)
Shefaro Saluki Puppies for Sale - July 24, 2009 click the picture
Zoe's brother, Blanco, finishes his UKC Championship 07/25/09
While Blanco was finishing his UKC title, Lauren was starting hers.  She has 50 of the 100 points required to finish and one of the three competition wins having won a hound group second.
July 29, 2009 Travis and his friend, Leila
August 2, 2009 Silver and Linda's Dotty leash training day
August 10, 2009, Lady Pearl's pups are growing up - click the picture
August 11, 2009 meet the new lambs at Shefaro
August 14, 2009 - Sunny's a champion!
August 20, 2009 in the mail today
Blanco's kids August 28, 2009
August 28, 2009 Alegria and pups coming in from Shefaro Park
August 30, 2009 TOHA Fun Match Hound Group First Shefaro's Anton
September 5, 2009 New UKC Champion El Saqr Lauren Bacall (major pointed AKC)
New UKC Champion Shefaro Luciana's Anton Blanco 09/06/09 pictured September 5 winning Hound Group Second
September 6, 2009 Rose x Bubba's daughter Raksha sent by her owner, Emily Woods
September 8, 2009
Loxley Fackler in Shefaro Park
Septemeber 9, 2009 was a very nice day at Shefaro. Some nice folks came to pick up their Pearl x Charlie pups.
Jerry picked up Koda
Bryan picked up Daisy
September 19, 2009
Handsome Spirit in Shefaro Park
Borzoi boy, Silver
Saluki puppy in Shefaro Park
Loxley Fackler left Shefaro 9/18 and has a new best friend, Lucie. Gotta love that Shefaro temperament!
September 17-20, 2009 ExpoCan Mexico City Lorenzo BOB/Group 4
September 20, 2009 Honore is a new AKC champion having finished in grand style with a best of breed over specials and a cut in the group.
Cross looks so handsome in Dawn's red truck (Darnilo's boy) 9/21/09
September 28, 2009
Tracy and her yearling Shefaro girls, Maja and Juliet out jogging in Louisiana.
Rhian and Nicole's Shefaro yearling Greyhound "Fenix" in Utah
What a weekend!  October 4-5, 2009  Shefaro Ibizan Hound Matinee Idol finishes his JC and runs for first place and a major.
Lola x Einstein Greyhound puppies are looking good Oct. 6, 2009
In the mail today Oct. 7, 2009 new champion Honore.  
October 10-11, 2009 Tampico, Mexico, Lorenzo wins two Bests of Breed and two Sighthound Group First
The lovely Shefaro's Yasmin Al Din at the San Antonio River. 10/12/09
In the mail today October 12, 2009 - new Shefaro champions
Happy Howloween - Boris and Sergei Nichols  - The Canine Caped Crusaders ready to trick or treat.
November 2, 2009 baby Greyhounds (Lola x Einstein)
November 2, 2009 JayD, Darnilo's son born April 28, 2009 enjoying a lovely Texas day in Shefaro Park.  He is stunning with scissors bite and complete dentition with a lovely temperament to match!
Jada, Darnilo's daughter in Shefaro Park
November 6, 2009 Shefaro sheep and goats
Baby Greyhounds
November 7, 2009, Alegria x Sunny pups at play.
Einstein and Lauren coming in from Shefaro Park
November 8, 2009 First Mate Buffy's Stoli
enjoys a swim, too.
November 10, 2009 in the mail today
November Greyhound News!
Fenix (Lolax Einstein090908) wins 12-18 sweeps at the GCNC specialty and wins 4th and AK in his first NOFC hunt by CGCA.  Fenix's litter is  A BREEDING WORTH REPEATING!  Photo is copyrighted property of Helios and sent by Rhian Williams to Shefaro (Fenix's breeder)
November 14, 2009 Bubba's boy Tucker
Bubba's boy Travis
Highlighting every year and a great source of pride areTestimonials.
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